Outline of All Presentations



Oral Presentation


All oral presentations are for 20 min strictly including Q&A. Countdown timer will be used.


1 Minute Poster Presentation


All poster presenters should prepare a one-slide oral presentation and finish it in strictly one minute. These flash presentations will take place right before the corresponding poster session. For these 1-min presentations, countdown timer will be used and the slide will switch automatically when time is up.

Poster Preparation

The poster is acceptable only in A1 size & portrait style.

There will be four sessions (A-D) on December 2nd and 3rd for poster presentations. Please take down your poster right after your session is over.


ACP Lectureship Award

Each ACP member country/region will extend ACP Lectureship Awards to excellent oral and poster presenters. Each awardee will be invited to take a lectureship tour among three or more institutes in the awarding country/region.

Please note that international travel expenses should be borne by the awardees themselves, while the hosting country/ region will cover domestic costs during the tour. Please note that implementation of the lectureship tour is mandatory for the awardee to be completed in the following year.